Base K26

0-0-26 Potassium Acetate

Base K26

G2D ™ Grow to Defend


A blend of conjugated, plant-based hormones.


Primes turf plant’s growth and development while enhancing physical plant structures i.e. shoots, crown, chlorophyll production.
Promotes plant-energy conservation.
Helps plant utilize nutrients more effectively.
Ensures non-limiting levels of key hormones to be used when timing is appropriate for the plant.
Minimizes the effects of the unpredictable.


I’ve used two other foliar product lines in the past and neither of them has been able to create greens that hold up to extreme stress like Turf Fuel. I’m amazed how my color, rooting, and overall plant health is this good in a season that has been this stressful.

—Mark Pappas, Whispering Willows GC, Livonia, MI

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Base K26 is a blend of 26% potassium acetate and the G2DTM biostimulant group. Potassium supports turf plant functions such as root system development, improved wear and stress tolerance and is necessary for the formation of key sugars, carbohydrates, amino acids, and proteins. There’s no better potassium source than potassium acetate due to its low salt index and superior foliar absorption capabilities.

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