Turf Resilience powered by potassium


Controlled growth

Turf Fuel’s 0-0-16 is a dispersible granular that delivers sea kelp, balanced micronutrients, humic acid, and readily available potassium.

Dispersible Granular Technology

Our 0-0-16 is a true dispersible granular product. That means with just a spin or two of the irrigation heads, 0-0-16 melts away for quick root absorption.

Potassium Strength

Potassium's role in plant strength is well documented. Now you can optimize this reaction with the addition of university proven NutrifenseTM technology, all in granular form. Turf Fuel’s 0-0-16 dispersible granular delivers a full dose of NutrifenseTM along with readily available potassium and other plant strengthening ingredients to help turf plants survive even the toughest growing seasons.


The results from the Turf Fuel Recovery Program were very impressive with steady root development, strong growth, and a dense canopy.

—Jason Kubel, TPC Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay, FL

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Turf Fuel’s 0-0-16 delivers quickly-dissolving potassium to maximize plant strength and resiliency. Additionally, multiple plant strengthening compounds have been added to optimize overall plant health. 0-0-16 is an excellent choice for strengthening turf prior to the stress of summer or preparing turf for winter dormancy.

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