Great color and predictable growth


Supercharged growth

Turf Fuel’s 8-8-8 dispersible granular provides balanced NPK while delivering key components to improve overall plant health. This reactive formulation produces quick, predictable results turf managers depend on. Whether you are looking to wake your turf up at the start of the season, recover from aeration, provide supplemental base nutrition, or prepare your turf for winter, 8-8-8 always delivers spectacular results.

Dispersible Granular Technology

Our 8-8-8 is a true dispersible granular product. That means with just a spin or two of the irrigation heads 8-8-8 melts away for quick root absorption.

Balanced Nutrition

With equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, 8-8-8 is the perfect fit to build a base and fortify your soil. Additionally, 8-8-8 contains a granulated form of our University proven technology Nutrifense for increasing drought stress resistance, improving plant resiliency and optimizing plant health.

Products used to hit the leaf in spots, but now you can literally see the product coat the leaf! Needless to say, Helix is a great product and when my guys are excited, I am excited.

—Josh Wise, GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care Inc., Acw

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Turf Fuel’s 8-8-8 is the perfect granular base choice to compliment a regular foliar nutritional program, recover from aeration, or to work as dormant nutrition prior to winter. The balanced NPK, coupled with micronutrients, sea kelp, humic acid and NutrifenseTM provide a quick growth and color response that is guaranteed to build strong turf.

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