Manganese, Zinc and Phosphite


Stress heavy hitters all in one

MZ-23 is today’s answer to severe plant stress. Auxin-loaded sea kelp, potassium phosphite, manganese and zinc are all combined to give your turf a fighting chance against the worst nature has to offer. Expect great
color, improved resiliency and overall better turf performance.

All in the details

MZ-23’s combination of manganese and zinc is no accident. Manganese is critical for photosynthesis, i.e. energy production and zinc is a player in more plant reactions than any other nutrient. This powerful duo will lead your turf to new levels of strength and health.

Rooting and color

Along with manganese, zinc and phosphite, MZ-23 also contains a big dose of our root driving sea kelp. Loaded with auxin, this kelp helps to build chlorophyll and is excellent for root system maintenance throughout
the growing season. Lastly, MZ-23 contains a proprietary nutrient uptake aid. This technology allows for better absorption of ALL nutrients in the spray tank. Better absorption, better color, healthier turf!

I can't believe how great my rooting is right now. My two problem greens are no longer problems and my turf is doing outstanding during a very rough summer. Turf Fuel has definitely made my greens stronger!

—Wes Hershberger, North Star Golf Club, Sunbury, OH

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A unique formulation combining manganese, zinc, potassium phosphite, sea kelp and a proprietary nutrient uptake aid. MZ-23 drives superior plant strength and disease resistance.

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