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TGP 25 0 0

TGP 25-0-0: 40% slow release Nitrogen

TGP 25-0-0 is a true foliar nutritional product that provides the plant with a slow release form of nitrogen. The triazone nitrogen in TGP 25-0-0 provides quick and long lasting color.


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TGP Nutriscape: 12-0-0 Nitrogen with Minors

TGP Nutriscape is a combination of nitrogen and micronutrients designed to give your entire landscape better color and overall health. Formulated for superior plant uptake, TGP Nutriscape works fast and provides long-lasting color.


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TGP Si 15

TGP Si 15: Silica

TGP Si 15 is a plant available form of Silica. Silica has been proven to strengthen cells walls, increase salt and drought tolerance and improve overall resistance from abiotic and biotic stress. Silica applications to turf have shown significant increase in overall wear tolerance.


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TGP Mn Combo

TGP Mn Combo: High Mn with Fe & Mg

TGP’s Mn Combo is a high manganese liquid fertilizer formulated with iron and magnesium for turf and ornamental applications requiring high manganese. Manganese is frequently associated with disease resistance and when coupled with iron and magnesium creates a brilliant color response.


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20 Minors

TGP 20-0-0 w/Minors: 60% slow release nitrogen

TGP 20-0-0 is a true foliar nutritional product that provides the plant with key nutrients for superior color and healthier turf. The 60% slow release component will ensure quality growth and color in between applications.


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TGP Micro 6

TGP Micro 6-0-0: Non-staining micronutrients with high iron

Micro 6-0-0 is a nutritional product intended for root uptake. EDTA chelated micronutrients ensure plant utilization and avoid soil “tie-up” and subsequent nutrient loss.


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TGP 18 3 6

TGP 18-3-6: w/50% slow release N & Minors

TGP 18-3-6 serves as the backbone of any comprehensive nutritional program. With 50% slowly available nitrogen, expect a quick, long-lasting color response. Added micronutrients boost color and overall plant health.


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TGP 28 0 0

TGP 28-0-0: 70% slow release Nitrogen

TGP 28-0-0 is a true foliar nutritional product that provides the plant with a slow release form of nitrogen. The urea triazone nitrogen in TGP 28-0-0 provides quick and long lasting color.


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TGP 12 6 0

TGP 12-6-0: blended Nitrogen & Phosphorous

TGP 12-6-0 is designed when both nitrogen and phosphorous are needed. Containing both urea and ammoniacal nitrogen, TGP 12-6-0 is an ideal product for cooler soil and air temperatures.


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TGP Micros

TGP Micros: Micronutrients

TGP Micros is a foliar micro nutrient product that supplies turf with nutrients typically not available in high pH soils. Each nutrient in TGP Micros is treated with a dual complexing process involving citric and amino acids for maximum uptake and compatibility.


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TGP Blade Iron

TGP Blade Iron: 15-0-0 6% Iron

TGP Blade Iron is a classic formulation with the added benefit of organic acids for compatibility and superior uptake. This combination of Nitrogen and Iron provides exceptional color without excessive growth.


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TGP 14 2 4

TGP 14-2-14: w/50% slow release

TGP 14-2-14 is a balanced liquid fertilizer containing both slow and readily available nitrogen, as well as highly absorbed potassium acetate.


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TGP 0 0 29

TGP 0-0-29: Potassium Acetate

TGP 0-0-29 is a high potassium liquid fertilizer specially formulated with potassium acetate for quick foliar absorption. Potassium acetate is absorbed over 5 times faster when compared to traditional potassium sources.


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